Weed Susceptibility to Herbicides Database
Weed Susceptibility Chart developed by the UC Weed Workgroup

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AUTHORS:  Harry Agamalian, Carl Bell, Mick Canevari, Dave Cudney, Oleg Daugovish, Joe DiTomaso, Clyde Elmore, Steve Fennimore, Bill Fisher, Kurt Hembree, Hal Kempen, Tom Lanini, Michelle LeStrange, Milt McGiffen, Marsha Campbell, Bob Mullen, Robert Norris, Steve Orloff, Grant Poole, Jack Orr, Timothy Prather, Jerry Schmierer, Anil Shrestha, Richard Smith, Ron Vargas, Cheryl Wilen, Rob Wilson and Steve Wright.

EDITOR: Steve Fennimore
The herbicide ratings used in this chart are averages for the performance of these herbicides in the state when the herbicide is applied at labeled rates for crop production. Results may vary with location, rate of application, growth stage, and climatic conditions. Individuals are encouraged to alter the ratings to reflect their individual experiences with these herbicides under local conditions

Ratings: "C" = weed is generally controlled, "P" = weed is injured or partially controlled, "N" = weed is not normally controlled, "-" = not sufficient information to rate the performance of this herbicide on the weed.
Last data revision on 2-26-2009.


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